Facilitation and Project Management

InSource e-Newsletter

InSource offers decades of facilitation and project management expertise to its clients.

Our team has extensive experience fostering collaboration among diverse groups of health sector stakeholders (i.e. practitioners, decision-makers, policy-makers, researchers, community members), and our facilitation efforts are tailored to each project and client. The InSource toolbox includes a variety of facilitation methods such as building and leading diverse groups using structured email dialogue, leading focus groups and other forms of structured discussions, and formal facilitation of strategic planning sessions.

InSource also facilitates training sessions for specific project content and/or methodologies. We have facilitated webinars and in-person workshops on Social Network Analysis, Concept Mapping and Complex Adaptive Systems.

InSource members played a founding role in the design and implementation of the CIHR-funded Partnerships for Community Health Research Training Program. In partnership with healthy system decision makers, education experts and academics, InSource members built this novel training program that brought together decision makers and researchers with learners from both academia and the community in learning ‘clusters’. The cornerstone for the program was shared learning within these clusters where applied health research was designed, conducted, analyzed and disseminated with stakeholders.

Our skills in facilitation and training directly support our project management capacity. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional project management services to deliver projects on time and within budget while maintaining scope and quality. Emphasis is placed on:

  • Ongoing engagement of all key players throughout the project life cycle, to clarify and stay on track with project goals, key issues, and scope;
  • Development of detailed workplans and communication plans to ensure a common understanding of roles and responsibilities with respect to project tasks and communication routes for effective collaboration, as well as dissemination/utilization of the findings;
  • Development and maintenance of detailed timelines to meet deliverable due dates;
  • Prudent financial management and reporting;
  • Documentation of progress and compliance with reporting requirements;
  • Flexibility and creativity to address unforeseen needs;
  • Finely honed interpersonal skills for effective team building and functioning with diverse stakeholders.